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Are your employees tired and cranky before the day ends? Do they disappear for longer than their allotted break time and show up with the largest soft drink the local convenience store sells? Do you notice a drop in productivity in the late afternoon?

Your business may be the victim of office dehydration.

Okay, so there’s probably no such thing as office dehydration, but in general, people don’t drink enough water at work. Dehydration contributes to sluggish work behavior and bad moods.

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Make sure your employees get enough water throughout the day, and you may notice a big difference in things at the office.

Continue reading, and we’ll show you how offering bottled spring water delivery can mean healthier, happier, and more productive employees.

Spring Water is Healthier Than Soft Drinks

Healthy WaterHopefully, we’re moving away from the biggie size food products. From the extra large serving of french fries to the triple burger at our favorite fast food restaurant, people in the U.S. have been fed oversized portions for several years.

That includes giant servings of carbonated beverages—and sometimes those giant drinks come with free or deeply discounted re-fills.

We’re not bashing the office snack vending machine, but why not offer employees a healthy option too?

People, in general, prefer bottled water. In 2018, for the second year, bottled water ranked higher in popularity than any other drink.

As far as health, when you consider a bottle of soda in all of its sugar and calorie-laden finery vs. bottled water that comes with no calories, water wins.

What’s Wrong with Tap Water?

Every day someone turns on the tap, fills a glass, and quenches thirst. And for the most part, you don’t hear about throngs of people who rush to emergency rooms because they drank bad water.

Unless you live in an area of the country where contaminated drinking water is common, you shouldn’t worry about drinking tap water, right?

Not so fast! The National Academy of Sciences published a study in early 2018 indicating contaminated water may be more common than we think. The study found millions of Americans may be exposed to unsafe drinking water.

Unsafe water, in this case, means contamination with lead, arsenic, and fecal coliform bacteria. Fecal coliform bacteria means someone, man or animal, used the water supply for a bathroom.

Nasty contaminants aren’t the only thing that makes tap water questionable when it comes to safety.

Tap water goes through a complex system of pipes before it spills out of your faucet. Bacteria and rust live in the plumbing system. If you’ve ever noticed a metallic taste in your tap water, bacteria and rust may be the culprits.

Why not avoid contaminated tap water altogether and offer your employees the safest bottled spring water delivery?

Aside from safety concerns, when you provide bottled water for your business, you may end up with happier employees.

Bottled Spring Water and Mood Enhancement

Water CoolerThe message about drinking eight glasses of water each day isn’t a new one. And maybe for some people, eight glasses is extreme, but the body needs at least some water every day for hydration.

If you’ve ever experienced the dry-mouth parched feeling of dehydration, you won’t argue about the need for water. But other than keeping a person hydrated and, of course, quenching thirst, what good does drinking water do for us?

As it turns out, drinking bottled spring water improves emotional health.

If you notice a colleague experiencing mood swings, they may suffer from something other than crankiness. They may be dehydrated. Even a 1.5 percent loss in fluid volume in the human body can alter mood.

No one enjoys working with a moody co-worker.

Increased Productivity

Want more productivity at work? Give your employees easy access to fresh bottled water.

Well-hydrated employees perform better than those who don’t hydrate (with water) at regular intervals during the workday.

A study by the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine shows the negative effects of dehydration on employees regardless of whether they’re rucking through the desert or sitting behind a desk. What is the correlation between drinking water and being an amazing, a.k.a. productive, employee?

Water drinkers sleep better, think more clearly, and have more energy.

Sleepy and sluggish don’t go well with work. Drinking water before bed helps your body relax so it can do necessary repair work. A repaired body wakes up refreshed and ready for work.

Besides helping with sleep, drinking water helps keep you sharp. Water is brain food. Drinking enough H2O can help you think clearly by keeping your brain focussed and alert.

Have you ever walked in on an employee sleeping on the job? Maybe they don’t drink enough water. Fatigue is one way the body lets you know it needs a hydration boost.

If the U.S. Army says adequate hydration means better performance and productivity, the rest of us should take note. Soldiers are among the most productive and high performing employees.

Bottled spring water delivery may be the key to better productivity for your business, but it may also bring your team together.

The Water Cooler

Gathering around the water cooler is more than just a cliché.

The water cooler gets a bad rap in cartoons and movies, but it creates a place where employees build connections. Connections in the workplace help teams bond, and a well-bonded team accomplishes more than a group of people who barely talk with each other.

Consider the health and mood benefits of drinking enough water during the workday. Combine those benefits with positive social stimulation found at the water cooler.

Sounds like an environment where ideas can come together and teams can do some amazing things.

Ready to Try Bottled Spring Water Delivery?

Who knew bottled water at work could bring together so many positive things?

When a business offers employees bottled spring water delivery, the business prospers and so does staff. Employees enjoy something healthier than soda that can help their mood and their productivity.

You enjoy the benefits of healthier and happier employees and a healthier bottom line due to higher productivity.

Bottled water delivery is convenient and easy. When you choose a local company like us, we guarantee personalized service because that’s what you and your business deserve.

Check out our bottled water services and let us help you make the workday better.

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