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Dasani purified water can be delivered weekly or monthly to your office. Launched in 1999, Dasani is a brand of the Coca-cola company, and they filter their water by reverse osmosis for a great taste. The shelf life of Dasani water lasts up to months and comes with other flavors like lemon, strawberry, and grape. Buy great-tasting bottled water from Dasani and other great brands for your home and office today! 

• 5 Gallon Bottled Water (not available) Small – Medium Bottles available
• Dasani comes in 100% Biodegradable Bottles
• Very Low Sodium Per FDA
• No BPA
• Dasani Office Water Delivery Service
• Weekly and Monthly Delivery Options

Dasani creates a PlantBottle from up to 30% plant-based material to have a positive impact on the environment.  Delivery available for residential needs, office, restaurants, hotels, and educational systems. Big bottles and cases, dispensers, and on-time delivery make Dasani a great choice. Dasani may or may not be available for delivery in your area. To see if Dasani is available for delivery, please request a quote to be connected with water delivery companies in your area.

In designing DASANI® to be the most delicious and refreshing bottled water, they start with the local water supply, which is then filtered by reverse osmosis to remove impurities. The purified water is then enhanced with a special blend of minerals for the pure, crisp, fresh taste that’s delightfully DASANI®.

Ph level: 4.5 mylagrangedentist.com
Manufacturer: The Coca-Cola Company
Introduced: February 1999; 22 years ago
Ph balance

Dasani Bottled Water Delivery to all 50 states (request quote to confirm) including these:

Los Angeles, CA; Charlotte, NC; Sacramento, CA; Arlington, TX; Chicago, IL; Detroit, MI; Staten Island, NY; North Coast, CA; Brooklyn, NY; El Paso, TX; Long Beach, CA; Honolulu, HI; Queens, NY; Seattle, WA; Northeast Tarrant, TX; Bakersfield, CA; Houston, TX; Denver, CO; Kansas City, MO; Tampa, FL; Manhattan, NY; Washington, DC; Mesa, AZ; Aurora, CO; Philadelphia, PA; Memphis, TN; Northwest Harris, TX; Urban Honolulu, HI; Phoenix, AZ; Boston, MA; Atlanta, GA; Anaheim, CA; San Antonio, TX; Nashville-Davidson, TN; Northeast Jefferson, CO; Kendale Lakes-Lindgren Acres, FL; Bronx, NY; Baltimore, MD ; Virginia Beach, VA; Santa Ana, CA; San Diego, CA; Metropolitan Government, TN; Omaha, NE; South Aurora, CO; Dallas, TX; Oklahoma City, OK; Colorado Springs, CO; Upper San Gabriel Valley, CA; San Jose, CA; Portland, OR; Raleigh, NC; Southwest San Gabriel Valley, CA; East San Gabriel Valley, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Miami, FL; Corpus Christi, TX; Austin, TX; Milwaukee, WI; Oakland, CA; Riverside, CA; Jacksonville, FL; Albuquerque, NM; Minneapolis, MN; St. Louis, MO; San Francisco, CA; Tucson, AZ; Tulsa, OK; Lexington-Fayette, KY; Indianapolis, IN; Fresno, CA; Cleveland, OH; West Adams, CO; Columbus, OH; East Seattle, WA; Wichita, KS; Pittsburgh, PA; Fort Worth, TX

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