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Choosing the Best Water Service for Your Office

It doesn’t matter what line of work you’re in when it comes to establishing a bottled water delivery service at your company – every industry in every niche can benefit from these helpful services. The range of services available from these companies is wide. Maybe you want to make your waiting room more comfortable by making cold water available to your clients, or maybe you want your employees to have refreshments to hand without having to rely on tap water. Whatever your goals, this guide should help you figure out what you’re looking for in an office water service, and then help you find it.

A Guide To Office Water Service – Tips, Q & A:

  • What kinds of services are available in the office water delivery industry?
  • An examination of the topic of filtration.
  • A summary of the different kinds of bottled water products.
  • What types of costs for bottled water you can expect?
  • How to select the right water delivery company for your organization.


Services in the Bottled Water Industry

In the water industry, we can divide the services offered into two main categories. Bottle delivery and point-of-use are the two types of service, and by learning a bit more about each, hopefully you can decide which is right for your company.

Point of Use Water

These water coolers are sometimes referred to as being bottle free, because they don’t rely on those ubiquitous blue jugs to keep them stocked. Instead, you will have your point-of-use unit connected directly to the water lines in your building.

Upsides of this include savings over the long term. You don’t need to pay for ongoing bottle delivery because the supply end of things is taken care by your internal water lines. On top of that, for companies that prefer to stay green, this helps keep environmental impact down, as it requires less transportation of water, not to mention no plastic jugs.

Just because it comes from your water lines though, don’t expect this to taste like tap water. Cooling systems and filtration units help make water delivered through these systems taste every bit as good as their bottled counterparts.


Bottled Water  

As mentioned earlier, bottled water is when you have a water cooler that is supplied by those large, blue water jugs that you see in so many offices. This means that when the water gets to you, it has already been filtered to provide clean, great-tasting refreshment. Bottled water isn’t just for water drinkers either, as the purified water provided by these systems yield much better-tasting hot beverages that you might brew with it. Most dispensers can provide hot or cold water on demand.

Water Filtration

Reverse Osmosis

Osmosis is a procedure where water flows naturally across a semi-permeable membrane from an area of low solute concentration to an area of high solute concentration. Reverse osmosis uses pressure to reverse this pattern while forcing the water through a membrane that filters out particles when the water passes through. However, this filtration system isn’t for everyone, as it removes everything from the water including some minerals that don’t strictly speak needs to be removed.


Ion exchange resins are used in this process to soften water by swapping the naturally occurring ions in the water for hydrogen and hydroxide ions which create water. An important thing to note though is that deionized (DI) water is not automatically pure of organic, including bacterial content.

Distilled Water

Water is distilled through boiling. This removes many of the impurities but it is not in and of itself a 100% guarantee that all impurities will be removed. There are some things that do not get removed from water as a result of boiling, so typically another method of purification is also required.

Water Types For Your Business

Filtered Water

After our discussion of filtration, it makes sense to turn our eyes to filtered water. When you buy filtered water, the guarantee is that the water has less non-water content than water from any natural source. Any of the above methods or a combination thereof can be used to filter or purify water.

Tap Water

This is exactly what it sounds like – water that would normally come straight from your tap. Tap water in most areas of the US is more than safe enough to drink, but it is not always as good tasting as purified or filtered water. In other parts of the world, drinking purified water is a much safer option than tap water. See article ‘Tap water vs bottled water – what’s better“.

Mineral Water

This is naturally occurring water that often has the appearance of carbonation due to gas content that springs from the same source as the water. This type of water has higher levels of minerals that are characteristics of the deposits where this blend of gas, water and minerals occur, such as sulfur.

Spring Water

Spring water is often billed by the companies marketing it as having purity or flavor characteristics that exceed tap water. However, in most cases, the water has been put through the same types of processes that tap water is put through in order to remove the naturally occurring particles that emerge with the water from the spring.

Office Water Service Pricing

Many customers of this type of service are surprised by just how affordable it can be. Here are some basic pricing guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Renting a cooler that connects to your own tap system will likely cost between $30-$40 per month, depending on your local providers and availability in your area
  • Bottled water costs between $5-$10 bottles depending on your region and the size of your order. Most companies will offer discounts for clients with larger regular needs.
  • Additional fees for setting up an account or installation may be assessed.

How to Find the Best Office Water Supplier in Your Area

These tips should put you on the path to finding the right office water delivery service for your organization.

  • Ask about delivery options. Companies have options where you can get deliveries every week, every two weeks, or every month depending on your needs and storage. If you have lots of empty rooms it is possible to get less frequent and larger deliveries, but if you have limited space, more frequent deliveries may be a better option.
  • Filtration, water type, and bottled vs. point of use options mean you have a lot to think about. Look for a company that gives you lots of options and explains clearly how each of them might work for your company.
  • Ask questions about who is responsible for maintenance, what it does (or doesn’t cost), and how frequently it needs to happen. Make sure you get all the information about this type of policy upfront.
  • Find out about contract options – some companies have longer required contracts, while others offer discounts for committing to longer terms.

Hopefully, this has given you lots to think about! A water delivery service can be a great asset to any office space, and with this information at your fingertips, you should now be ready to go out and find a great provider for your team.

Popular Bottled Water Brands

  • Deer Park
  • Crystal Springs
  • Culligan
  • Dasani
  • Sparkletts
  • Aquafina
  • Nestle

There are a wide array of bottled water options from local suppliers. Ready to get started?