Office Water Service Buyer Guide

Office Water Service Buyer’s Guide | Types, Options, and Costs

Fresh, clean water has a way of making people feel better and more productive. Studies show that drinking the right fluids in your morning routine can boost focus throughout the day while also decreasing stress levels! That’s why we’ve created this buyer’s guide on office water services for businesses who want their staff to be well-hydrated at all times. Top local brands include Sparkletts, a very popular option, Deer Park, and Dasani.

The Buying Guide to Office Water Service Addresses the Following:

  • Types of Office Water Solutions
    • Pure
    • Distilled
    • Tap
    • Mineral
    • Spring
    • Filtered/Purified
  • Filtration Options
    • Reverse Osmosis Filtering
    • Deionization
  • Water Service Options
    • Bottled Water Delivery
    • Filtered Water
  • Cost Guide
  • Suppliers Considerations
  • Best Bottled Water Brands

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Types of Office Water Solutions

It may all seem like water to the average person, but there are actually different classifications of water. These include:

Pure Drinking Water (which is just what it sounds like) and comes from Poland Spring or another high-quality source brand name;

Distilled Drinking Water which has been boiled in order to remove minerals/ chemicals found naturally present within ground mineral spring waters such as Lead Sulfate Springs that can be harmful if ingested every day over long periods.

Tap Water in the United States comes from a variety of sources, most commonly lakes and rivers. Groundwater also supplies some cities with their needs for drinking or industrial use but it usually isn’t enough to meet good consumption demands.

-Mineral Water is the most refreshing drink you can have during a hot day, and it has been known to be healthier than other beverages. There are many types of mineral waters with different flavors such as sparkling (carbonated), still or non-sparkling depending on preference for some people who might find that gas causes irritation in their stomachs.

-Spring Water is an excellent type of drink that’s rich in trace minerals and can be good for your health. It originates from natural springs, where it bubbles up to the surface as a fresh spring-like flavor with many positive effects on hydration levels

Filtered/Purified water is the purest form of liquid and can be used for many things, including drinking. If you’re looking to avoid health risks associated with tap or spring waters it’s imperative that your purified water has been processed using one of three methods: distillation, deionization (which requires ice-cooled separation), or reverse osmosis systems which traditionally use charcoal as a filter bed.

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Water Filtration Options

To get the purest water possible, you should distill it. This process removes most inorganic minerals and chemicals from tap waters by boiling them at high temperatures to remove any contaminants that may be present before drinking (like metals). However, this isn’t effective for all types of pollutants because some have higher melting points than others; so while still being a good way to avoid bad tastes or smells coming from your faucet!

Reverse Osmosis Filtering:

In a world where clean drinking water is hard to find, people have turned their attention toward reverse osmosis technology. This innovative process uses semipermeable membranes and external pressure in order to remove large particles like impurities or contaminants from your home’s potable (drinking) supply of fresh H2O. There are some downsides though; while this wonderful innovation helps us get better quality H20 at times the desired minerals may also disappear as well leaving you with nothing but an empty glass!

Deionization Filtered Water:

Deionization is a filtering process that uses ion-exchange resins to exchange hydrogen and hydroxide ions for dissolved minerals. This softens the water by exchanging natural mineral concentrations with its own set, which can sometimes confuse it with demineralized or DM water – but not always!

Deionization is a very useful purification technique, however, it cannot remove uncharged organic molecules or bacteria.

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Office Water Service Options

Service options are either bottled water delivery from top brands or filtered water through a water cooler.

Bottled Water Delivery:

Bottled water delivery services are quickly becoming the norm for many companies, especially those that have noticed how much better tasting and functioning coffee from a water filtration system will make. In this case, we offer bottled drinking water in different flavors at your office or home workplace so you can enjoy it no matter where life takes us!

Filtered Water/Bottleless:

In this age of environmental awareness, many people are choosing bottled water over tap. A filtered cooler is an easy and cost-effective solution that doesn’t require you to store extra glassware or ice for delivery!

A filtered system can be installed at your business so employees don’t need jugs either on-site or delivered from outside sources – no more worrying about getting substitution parts if there’s a break in service while waiting days before receiving shipment deliveries due to delays caused by bad weather such as heavy rainstorm conditions which make roadways treacherous making driving hazardous not only during peak commute times.

Bottleless water has been becoming more popular because it is both environmentally friendly and economically efficient. Bottle-free systems also remove the need for extra storage space as well as lifting heavy jugs when they are out of use, making this option much easier than filling up multiple containers every day at work or home!

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Water Service Cost Guide

How much does office water service cost small businesses?

Bottled Water Cost:

Bottled water is convenient and tasty, but it’s not always the most affordable option. You’ll have to consider how much each employee drinks in addition to what kind of supplier you use – prices can range anywhere from $5.98 – $9.71 per bottle monthly for small offices with few taps or no bottled supply on-site at all (which could mean paying an extra 0.52 cents a day).

The amount you pay for bottled water delivery will vary based on various factors like size/quantity needed at any given time (16 oz. bottles vs 5 gallons), where it comes from etc., but most businesses end up paying between $35 – $188 a month.

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Filtered Water Cost:

A monthly rental fee for a filtered water cooler system usually costs between $36 – $59 a month.

In some cases, however, you may be charged more depending on your supplier’s policies and prices vary from brand to brand so it is important that before signing up with any suppliers make sure they have competitive rates in place which are affordable by consumers like yourself or other businesses owners alike.

When you’re looking to purchase water for your home, it’s important that the product meets all of one’s needs. You have two options: filtered or tap-water? Although there may be some benefits from using both types (for example they don’t need any additional equipment), many people find themselves with a preference before long – especially if these optional costs come into play!

Additional fees may include: Waterline and cooler Installation, ongoing cleaning and maintenance, service cancellation, and surcharges.

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Number of 5 Gallon Bottles/Month       Cost
5 Bottles    $39 – $50
10 Bottles    $68 – $100
25 Bottles    $200 – $229
50 Bottles    $400 – $458
100 Bottles    $770 – $950

Water Service Supplier Considerations

Most suppliers are fairly competitive, but if you look for an office service, here are some considerations to think about when looking for an office water service.

  1. Water Options

When you’re looking for the perfect water, there are a few things to keep in mind. For starters: the type of filtration system and supplier will vary depending on what suits your needs best!

  1. Obligations

Office water companies offer a variety of contracts for businesses and consumers. The length typically varies but can be anywhere from 1 year or month to month with no long-term commitment needed by the customer if they don’t want one.

  1. Ongoing Cleaning & Maintenance

Some suppliers only include certain maintenance updates, but others come at an additional cost. Ask potential suppliers about their policy for monthly and/pr annual preventive checks in advance so you can stay on top of any problems before they develop poor water drinking conditions.

  1. Water Delivery Options

Bottled water delivery services can be an excellent way to ensure your business is well-stocked with clean drinking water. The frequency of the deliveries will depend on how much product you go through, and storage space may need for multiple jugs before starting this service in order not to run out!

  1. Post Sale Support

When you’re looking for an office water service, it’s important that the company has a positive customer service attitude and will be able to meet your needs. Make sure they’re knowledgeable about their product as well.

It may not seem like much but sometimes these little things can make all of the difference when dealing with someone new, especially if there are no reviews online.

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Best Bottled Water Brands

For most of us, we want the best-bottled water, and we not only want it to taste good, but we want it to be clean and pure. Here are a few of the best-bottled water brands and a short review about the company.

FIJI Water:

Fiji Water is a company that bottles and ships water from Fiji. According to marketing materials, this artesian aquifer in Viti Levu is what makes their product so special!

Fiji Water is available in a variety of sizes, from 330ml to 1.5 litre bottles. With so many options it’s easy for you – whatever your needs are.

In Canada, businessman David Gilmour founded Fiji Water under the name Natural Waters of Viti Ltd. in 1996 to provide a healthier alternative for people who wanted their water without chlorine dioxide or other chemicals that could be found naturally occurring within it.

Evian Water:

The French company Evian bottles and commercializes mineral water from several sources near Évian-les-Bains, on the south shore of Lake Geneva. Today it is owned by Danone who also owns Lactalis (a multinational corporation).

Evian is a world-famous brand name that has been around since 1928. They’re known for their mineral water and organic skincare products, but Danone Group also uses the Evian name to sell luxury items like hotels in France! 

ArrowHead Water:

Bottled from 13 springs, Arrowhead Water, also known as arrowhead mountain spring water is a brand of drinking water that can be found in the west. It’s primarily sold in Nevada and Arizona but it does have some distribution throughout Utah Colorado Northwest California among other areas of America.

The Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water takes its name from a natural mark in the San Bernardino Mountains that is shaped like an arrow.

Deer Park Water:

Deer Park is the premiere bottled water in America, and its from BlueTriton Brands. The company markets themselves primarily to residents of Maryland, Virginia, Delaware Pennsylvania and West Virginia who are looking for a premium quality source they can trust.

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B&O) created a casino near Pennsylvania where the spring water was founded by man named Troy Gibson.

Aquafina Water:

PepsiCo, the creators of Aquafina have licensed their name for use on multiple skincare products. The brand is most well-known in bottled water form but has expanded to include lip balm and wrinkles cream as well.

Pepsi created this product because they wanted a way to allow people access to clean drinking water without having any negative consequences such as obesity or dental issues often associated with other types of drinks like carbonated soda.

Nestlé Pure Water:

The Nestlé Waters brand has been around for over 20 years and it’s still going strong. The bottled water from this company is available in 21 countries worldwide, including North America where they operate as BlueTriton Brands!

In early April 2021, the sale of Nestlé Waters North America’s bottling operations to One Rock Capital Partners LLC and Metropoulos & Co. was concluded with an excellent deal for customers who enjoyed these brands.

Dasani Water:

Dasani is a brand of bottled water that’s been around since 1999. It was created by the Coca-Cola Company and it has many different flavors to choose from like lemon sunshine or unsweetened raspberry berry juice.

Coca-Cola said that they would be distributing Dasani water in new packaging and it was 100% plant-derived. The bottles are compatible with recycling plants, so you don’t have to worry about them ending up in landfills or being incinerated as other plastics do! In addition, these special soda bottle designs reduce carbon emissions by 25%.

Sparkletts Water:

Sparkletts is an iconic west coast brand that started in 1925. Dissatisfied with municipal water, founders Burton N Arnds Sr and his partners built their bottling plant near a well east of Los Angeles which they christened Sparkling Artesian Water Co-1928.

In 1932 to avoid future litigation from Standard Oil Company over the trademark rights for SPKLING -TIN LITHO CO., Ltd was formed as its wholly-owned subsidiary under British ownership but still retained by Mr. A Rodes branch manager California Corporation.

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