healthiest waterWhich Bottled Water is Safest? A Review Of The Healthiest Water

Deerpark, Dasani Water, FIJI, and more. There are tons of different brands of bottled water out there. Which is the safest? Read on to find out.

Bottled water has become a staple in the United States with each person drinking about 42 gallons worth each year. We have over 200 brands to choose from, each claiming that they are the best.

But not all bottled water is the same, with varying amounts of minerals and antioxidants. This is why water tastes different to each individual.

Another main difference between types of water is their pH level. The closer to neutral or alkaline a water is, the safer it is.

pH Levels Explained

pH refers to the “potential of hydrogen” ion concentration that can be found in a liquid. This will then tell you the level of alkalinity or acidity in the liquid.

The scale starts at 0 for acid and goes to 14 for total alkalinity. The lower the pH level number, the more acidic your solution.

PH Levels in WaterAcidic

With a score of 0 car battery acid is an example of a liquid that is the highest level of acid. Stomach acid scores slightly lower at 1. Move further down the scale to 4 and 5 and you will find tomatoes and black coffee.


The middle of the scale is 7, which means anything with this score is neutral. As we stated fresh water tends to score a 7. However, seawater scores slightly higher at 8.


On the alkaline side of the scale, you will find baking soda and indigestion tablets at 9 and 10. At the extreme end of the scale, you will find bleach and drain cleaner with scores of 13 and 14.

pH Balance of Bottled Water

Now, why is it important to understand the pH balance scale? Water generally has a pH balance of 7.

You would assume all bottled water is the same. This is not true though. Different brands of bottled water come in at a wide variety of pH scores.

Effects on Teeth

Doctors recommend that we avoid drinking acidic drinks like soda. But it is important to pick the right water.

Otherwise, you are not doing yourself any good. Bottled water that scores 5.5 or lower can dissolve the enamel of your teeth.

Effects on the Body

Studies have shown that drinking alkaline water can help the symptoms of acid reflux. This is because the acid in the stomach gets brought closer to neutral by the alkaline water.

Those with high blood pressure and cholesterol also benefit from drinking alkaline ionized water. This benefit is logical based on another study on the effect of alkaline water on blood viscosity.

A third study suggested that those who drank high alkaline water had lower blood viscosity. This allowed the blood to flow more efficiently resulting in increased oxygen throughout the body.

Effects on the Bottle

The acidic level of the water also has an effect on the soft, clear plastic that bottled water comes in. This soft plastic is used because it is cheap and user-friendly.

Unfortunately, it is also susceptible to leaching chemicals such as BPA into the water. Higher acidic water increases this risk. Here’s a review of differnt bottled water products.

FIJI WaterFiji Water

Figi water scores more to the alkaline side of the scale at 8. This makes it safe for drinking all day every day.

It also happens to have a great balance of electrolytes. This makes it great for hydrating after working out.

Some drinkers may take note of the added electrolytes as a slightly metallic flavor. Others will find the water’s flavor as refreshing and mild with no odor or aftertaste.

Evian Water

Another water that scores high on the pH scale is Evian. This water has a distinct flavor to it from the minerals.

Evian comes from the springs in France. Not surprisingly, it is neutral on the pH scale at 7.

As water moves through the earth it picks up minerals and compounds. These then flavor the water in a similar manner that wine gets its distinct flavors.

It is another good water for daily drinking. This water is a great choice for those who appreciate the mellow earthy tones of European water.

Smart Water

Smart water is a water that has gone through a filtering and remineralization process. This process results in Smart Water being slightly on the acidic side of neutral at 6.9.

Electrolytes added back into the water include calcium and magnesium chloride and potassium bicarbonate. The flavor is a bit tart like water filter through a Brita filter.

Voss Water

Derived from wells in Norway Voss comes in on the acidic side of the pH scale at 6. The water gets naturally filtered in the southern tip of Norway.

This lack of contact with the air and other pollutants give you the purest of taste and flavor. This crisp water tastes like what pure water is supposed to taste like.


Aquafina is the most acidic water on this at 5. This gives it the same acid level as a cup of black coffee.

Pepsi produces this water by filtering municipal water. Once filtered, it then goes through a purifying process of reverse osmosis.

This process removes everything from the water. This includes some minerals that do not need to get removed.

The hydro-7 filtering process removes more solids than the other filtering processes done. Some notice an aftertaste to Aquafina that some drinkers like and others find unpleasant.

Bottled Water – What’s Best?

Drinking bottled water is a great way to stay hydrated and replace the soda in your diet. You should be aware of the pH level of the water though.

Some water is so acidic that it can actually cause harm to the enamel of your teeth. Alkaline water is the safest water you can drink.

This lack of acid helps remove toxins and balance the body. Fiji water is a great choice if you are looking for a bottled water option that is alkaline.

For a pure neutral water, you should buy Evian or even Smart Water. On the more acidic side of the scale, you will find Voss and Aquafina.

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