How To Find Cheap Bottled Water Service For My Office in 2019

Bottled Water Delivery CostDo you and your staff drink a lot of water? You’ll benefit from a water delivery service. Here’s how to find the best bottled water delivery cost in 2019.

We need water to survive. But depending on where you live, good water can be hard to come by. Many of us end up spending too much money on bottled water, which, at the end of the day, is contributing to world waste and pollution.

29 billion water bottles are bought and consumed by Americans, per year. Of those purchased bottles, only 1 in 6 is recycled. That means the other 5 end up in landfills, oceans, and many other places where they shouldn’t be. Furthermore, it takes a water bottle up to 1,000 years to decompose!

Water filtration systems can be costly, whereas bottled water delivery costs are minimal. Either way, providing access to clean drinking water for your employees is a must.

About 2 billion people worldwide drink water from sources that are contaminated by feces. But no one should have to drink contaminated water.

Providing clean drinking water for your employees is an excellent way to boost morale, improve productivity, and help lessen your footprint on the world’s pollution.

Keep reading to find out about the best bottled water for your employees, and how much it costs.

Water Is the Answer To the Search for Delicious

Did you ever read that book in grade school, called The Search For Delicious by Natalie Babbitt? Well, it’s about a wiry preteen boy who goes on a quest for the King to find a food that best represents the word delicious.

At the end of a very long adventure, the boy, Gaylen, discovers that the answer to his quest is water. Water is the answer to the search for delicious, and so it should be.

Water makes up most of our body, including our brains, and we need to ingest it every day, in order to survive. Drinking water regularly can lead to healthier skin, higher productivity, and a healthier body and life all around.

Unfortunately, contaminated water can lead to the transmission of many diseases, such as:

  • Dysentery
  • Hepatitis A
  • Cholera
  • Typhoid
  • Polio
  • Diarrhea

It’s estimated that every year, 3,575,000 people die from diseases transmitted by unsafe drinking water.

Bottled Water For OfficeWhat Are the Different Types of Water Service?

There are many different ways in which you can use a water delivery service for your company and its employees.

We provide bottled water dispensers, space saver water dispensers, hot and cold temperature control water coolers, and bottle-free water coolers. Which option you should choose depends on your business and needs.

A bottled water cooler system is one of the easiest options. Bottles are recyclable so you don’t have to worry about polluting the earth with more plastic. You’ll never have to worry about water lines as the water is bottled offsite and brought to you. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to deciding where in your office you’d like to place your cooler.

A point-of-use system is an excellent choice if you want to source from your own water line. This system uses its own filtration system to turn your water source into clean drinking water.

There Are Many Benefits of Using a Water Service

There are many ways in which using a water bottle delivery service will make your life and your employees lives easier. Let’s take a look at some of these awesome perks.

1. You’ll Enjoy the Great Taste

You’ll never have to worry about being able to access clean, delicious drinking water again. The water is filtered and bottled offsite so you can rest assured it’s clean and yummy.

You can have it delivered as often as you like and can choose from different bottle sizes, depending on the size of your company and who will be drinking it.

2. You’ll Save Valuable Time

Office Water DeliveryYou and your employees won’t ever have to run to the store to get a clean bottle of water. You won’t have to worry about stocking your fridge on a regular basis either. And it’s one less thing for your employees to have to think about when they leave for work in the morning, knowing that they’ll always have access to clean drinking water in their place of work.

You’d be amazed at how much time you can all save, not having to think about water. You’ll all be saving money, and will have more time to focus on the work that needs to be done.

3. You’ll Save Money and Effort

Have you ever relocated to a new home or office and waited a month or two until you figure out your water situation? You continue to buy bottles until you buy that Brita or filtration system for your home and business. But water bottles are wasteful and it takes a lot of effort to keep buying and acquiring them for a family, let alone a business full of employees.

The cost of water delivery is much less than buying water bottles or installing a filtration system. Furthermore, it’s one less thing that you will have to think about providing and transporting to your business.

How Much Does It Cost?

Bottled Water Delivers CostThose big blue 5-gallon jugs are what you can expect to see when you sign up for a monthly water delivery service. Prices vary, depending on your demand and how often you’ll be having water bottles delivered.

As a general rule, you can expect to pay between 6-9 dollars per 5-gallon jug. For more questions on pricing, feel free to get a quote by answering a few simple questions here.

If you’re thinking about setting up a whole cooler system in your office, prices will be a little bit different, depending on if you rent one or purchase one. If you rent one, you leave the maintenance up to the rental company which can alleviate time and responsibility, and potential costs on your end.

Depending on what kind of system you’re looking at, your monthly cost could be anywhere between $9 and $15 per month. Systems with both hot and cold options will be on the higher end.

If you want to purchase a water cooler, you can expect to pay anywhere from $80 to $175, depending on the features and the brand. It can be a good investment in that it’s a one-time cost. However, when you purchase your own cooler, you are in charge of maintenance and cleaning which might defeat the purpose of signing up for water delivery in the first place.

Opting to go for the 5-gallon jug deliveries leaves you with very little to worry about or pay for. Costs are low and delicious, clean water is provided for you and your staff in a very convenient way. You never have to lift heavy bottles or take them somewhere yourself to get refilled. You don’t have to worry about cooler maintenance or your cooler breaking down.

You’ll Get the Best Bang for Your Buck

If you’re ready to invest in a water delivery service for your business, you don’t have to worry about perusing the internet or making phone calls in order to try and find the best deal.

If you take 30 seconds to fill out a request for a quote that we mentioned above, you’ll be provided with the best offers there are.

We take care of all the research for you. Once you request a quote or contact us, we will provide you with all of the options for local suppliers that match your needs. You can compare prices and brands and decide what you think will be best for you and your business.

Furthermore, we can help you find the best water delivery option no matter where you are in the United States.

Take a look at some of the many brands that are available and some of the benefits of choosing which one works best for you.

Bottled Water Delivery Cost

Bottled water delivery cost is not very expensive when you compare it to the number of water bottles that the average person or business purchases in a given month or year.

Furthermore, single-size water bottles are terrible for the environment and the never ending build up of plastic that plagues our world.

Opting to sign up for a big bottle water delivery service will save you time and money. It’ll keep your employees happy to know that they can always drink clean water at work, for free. And it will save you and your employees money as it will be one less thing you have to pay for on a daily basis.

It will also save you and your employees time as you won’t have to worry about stocking fridges or running to the store to get clean water.

Check out our blog about which service might be best for your office so that you can start having your water delivered, today!

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