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Office Bottled Water Deliveries: What Are the Benefits?

Did you know Americans’ favorite beverage is bottled water? In 2019, Americans consumed more than 14 billion gallons of bottled water. Over the past two decades, consumption of bottled water has increased significantly.

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Healthy living encourages people to drink bottled water than other beverages. People are choosing fewer calories’ beverages.

Whether in the office, at home, or at school, water is a basic need. If you run a company, you must keep the employees hydrated.

Here at Office Water Services, we are committed to facilitating bottled water deliveries for businesses. Our goal is to save you time and money by bringing water delivery suppliers to you.

Keep reading to learn the benefits of office bottled water.

Benefits of Office Bottled Water Deliveries

Promoting better health for your employees pays off. What better way to improve your staff’s health than providing safe drinking water?

If you are contemplating investing in bottled water delivery, we will help make up your mind. Here is a list of benefits of bottled water delivery service.

Meet Legal Obligations

Under federal law, employers should provide potable drinking water to employees. The water should meet the health and personal needs of each employee.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) emphasizes the need for contamination-free drinking water. Also, employees should not pay for potable water offered by the employer. Failure to provide safe and sufficient drinking water can attract undesirable legal lawsuits.

You don’t want to be on the wrong side of the law for such a basic need. Providing office bottled water saves you from legal liabilities.

Keep Employees Hydrated

Whether an employee, child, or elderly, drinking water is crucial for many reasons. Human beings need to be hydrated to regulate body temperature, keep joints lubricated, and reduce infections. 100% employee functionality is dependent on being hydrated, among other factors.

Experts recommend the consumption of 2 to 3 liters of water per day. If employees spend most of the day working, they rely on the office to meet the minimum water consumption level.

If water is not available in the office, dehydration is probable. Dehydrated employees suffer liabilities like lack of concentration and fatigue.

Hydrated employees are alert and have lots of energy. Encouraging employees to drink water is an ideal wellness activity. You encourage staff to drink water, making it available and accessible.

Keeps Water Supply Bacteria Free

Your employees are valuable assets. You want them at their best for maximum productivity. Office bottled water delivery reduces possible water infections and contaminations.

Office Water Service commits to serving clean and purified water. The water is free of chlorine and other organisms. Tap water has some risks due to the assortment of organisms found in water.

By eliminating water contamination risks, you keep your employees healthy. The number of sick days declines while employee productivity increases.

Providing low-quality water can damage your company’s reputation. If it causes infections, it could lead to costly lawsuits.

Enjoy a Variety of Bottled Water Options

A bottled water delivery company offers a variety of water options. The variety can be in brands, water sources, or sizes. Depending on your preference or employees, you can choose your ideal package.

The various sourcing options in bottled water are purified water, distilled water, or spring water.

Different business setups call for different water options. In an open office, a water cooler dispenser would work conveniently. For office meetings, the ideal option would be potable bottled water.

Office Water Services offers a variety of water brands in America. The options include Deer Park, Nestle, Dasani, Aquafina, and Poland Springs. We provide different packages from 300 ml to 10 liters bottle.

We can customize the packaging to match your needs.


Employees spend long hours in the office, an average of 8 hours. During peak seasons, the staff can spend more than 8 hours. The last thing you want is your staff spending an hour down the street looking for water.

As a basic necessity, water should be readily available. Bottled water offers the convenience of having water in any working space. The grab-and-go option is attractive.

Having the water readily available on your employees’ desks also offers a reminder to hydrate. With long and stressful workdays it’s common to forget the value of hydration.

The convenience for your office also comes with delivery. A reliable bottled water delivery company will deliver when needed. Whether you need the delivery in your office, workshop, or event.

The stress of searching for reliable suppliers is sorted.

How Much Does Bottled Water Cost?

Each business is conscious of its expenditure. You want to know how much you are investing for what. With an office bottled water delivery service, the price varies depending on numerous factors.

Quantities, water brands, delivery company, and installation determine how much you pay. The average price of 5-gallon water bottles is between $6 and $9.

Office Water Service helps you determine the average cost depending on your water need. With our online quote system, you can approximate how much your company will spend. You only need to answer a couple of questions to get the approximate quotations.

Invest in Office Bottled Water Delivery Services Today

OSHA does not require you to offer office bottled water delivery services. It doesn’t have to be legal to offer your employees convenience to complete their tasks. Bottled water delivery benefits your staff and shows that you care.

Your staff moves mountains for you. They drive profits even in the most challenging circumstances. Providing them with safe drinking water is the least you can do.

If you are looking for a bottled water delivery guide, we got you. Office Water Delivery Service is the nation’s most reliable source of affordable water. We facilitate weekly or monthly bottled water delivery and water cooler installations.

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