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5 Smart Considerations for the Best Office Water Service

Bottled water is a refreshing solution for the dry air of an office environment. Here are 5 smart considerations to choose the best office water service.

There are several things that can make an office working environment more enjoyable. Your employees deserve to work in a place that’s safe, comfortable, and friendly. But what about simple amenities?

Many people prefer filtered or bottled water to drink, rather than getting water out of the tap. Tap water has often been found to have chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins. Drinking low-quality water can lead to a whole host of health risks.

That’s why your company needs an office water service. They offer bottled water delivery to ensure your employees are hydrating adequately and safely.

The only question is, how do you find the right bottled water service for your office? Keep reading for the top five smart considerations.

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1. Customer Reviews

When choosing a bottled water delivery company, start by doing a little research into your local options. Find out what their other clients have to say about their products and services.

Do they offer high-quality water? Do they make their deliveries on time? How are their customer service and communication skills?

2. Bottled Water Delivery Options

Next, find out about your office delivery options. How and when will the office water service deliver your water?

If you run out of water sooner than expected, will the delivery service be able to come early? Alternatively, what happens if one of your water dispensers stops working properly?

3. Office Water Service Pricing 

As a small business owner or manager, price is one of the most important things to consider when finding the best office water service. Talk to the local companies to get a quote for pricing. If you have a large company, find out if more volume means a lower cost per gallon.

Finally, talk about buying versus renting a water dispenser. Some companies have both options.

4. Bottled Water Quality

When paying for bottled water for offices, quality is important. You don’t want to be paying for bottled tap water. Office Water Services provides high-quality, credible water brand names like Dasani, Deer Park, Crystal, Aquafina, and more.

Deer Park bottled water, for example, is 100% pure natural spring water. Deer Park also offers distilled water and flavored sparkling water options.

5. Bottling Options

Finally, find out about the water delivery service’s options in terms of single bottles and/or five-gallon water jugs and dispensers. The large, reusable water jugs have several benefits:

  • They save space
  • They’re better for the environment
  • They’re cost-effective
  • The dispensers have hot and cold options

However, if you would prefer to have single-bottles and a fridge to house them, you need to find out if the company offers them.

Looking for an Office Water Delivery Service?

As you can see, choosing an office water service takes some consideration. We’re here to help make your life easier. Our purpose is to connect office managers and small business owners like you with local water delivery services.

Contact us today if you have any questions or to fill out a quick form to get a free quote for your office water service needs. We look forward to helping you provide your office with the fresh, clean water you deserve.

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